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Kemeys of Llanblethian

Llanblethian or Llanbleiddan, is a picturesque village in a parish of the same name in Glamorganshire, lying S.W. of and close to Cowbridge; it is situated in a warm and well sheltered glen upon the banks of the river Ddau and possesses a handsome old church. Leland thus speaks of it "From Landouhe to Lanlithian village half a mile, and herre is a stone bridge. Most of the village is on the west ripe; the other part and the castle is on the est ripe. The Castel longging to the King is yet partly standing and is in Terstuard lordship and kept as the prison for it"... "Coubridge is a quarter of a mile above Lanlithian.... as much of Coubridge as is enclosed with a waull stondith on the est ripe and the bridge of ston there.... the waulle of Coubridge is a three quarters of a mile aboute. There be three gates in the waulles, the est, the west and Port Meline by south. There is a chirche in the town, but the saying is that Lanlithan is the paroch chirch to Coubridge. The town self of Coubridge standeth in a valle."

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