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Kemys of Syston and Oldbury

In the "Visitation of Gloucestershire taken in the year of 1623 by Hen. Chitty and Jno.Phillipot as deputies to Wm. Camden, Clarenceaux King of Arms", edited by Sir Jno. Maclean F.S.A. and W.C. Heane, M.R.C.S. is a descent of Kemys subscribed by Roger K(emys) with emendations according to the Official record in the Herald's college; the Arms therein given are (151);-"Quarterly 1 and 9, vert, on a chevron argent, 3 pheons sable, Kemys. 2. Gules, a chevron argent between 3 organ rests or, Arthur. 3. zure, gutt{e, (argent, 152) a castle or, (gules, gutt{e, or, a tower of the second. -Harleian M.S.S. 1041. fol.82b). Reynward, or Keniward. 4. Argent, on a fesse sable, 3 chevronels palewise, points to the dexter, or, (argent, 152) Trenoth. 5. Argent, a chevron between 3 escallops, able, Tregothin. 6. Sable, a chevron ermine between 3 wings, Argent,152) Nanfant. 7. Argent, on a chevron sable between 3 torteaux, 5 bezants, Tregayne. 8. Gules, s{mee of acorns, (or, 152) a lion rampant regardant, (argent 152), Chesundert.-Harleian MSS., 1543, fol. 61. Visitation of Glouc: 1583-1623 "Kemys of Wickwick, Glouc:-Crest, on a mount vert, an unicorn sejant, azure, maned and armed or." In the Visitation of Somersetshire taken in the years 1551 and 1575 other pedigrees of this branch are to be found; Harl: M.S.S. 1559. ff. 230-2, or 132 b, and 1041. fo. 82b. "Kemys of Westwick and Bedminster Co. Somerset."

The genealogical line followed is that given in the official record, supplemented by information from other sources.

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