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Kemeys of New York, U.S.A.

Kemeys of New York, U.S.A.

XXII. Nicholas Kemeys: a son of Major Lewis Kemeys (XXI) of Kilmeague,Co. Kildare, and of Highfield in the township of Falsgrave, near Scarborough, Yorks, (see Kemeys of Co. Kildare) by his second wife: of a house in Falsgrave: had a moiety of his father's Highfield estate on coming of age: held further lands in Falsgrave known as the Lowfield, and to her lands also: will dated 7th May 1731 and proved at York 6th October of the same year, in which he directed that his Highfield estate should be sold to liquidate a mortgage thereon: married Mary, daughter of Ralph Wyttie of Falsgrave. Issue. 1. Nicholas. 2. Edward. 3. Mary.

XXIII. Edward Kemeys: of Scarborough: will proved at York June 173: married....... daughter of .... Fowler, father of, XXIV. William Kemeys: shipowner, of Scarborough. Settled in America, on the Hudson River about 30 miles from New York, in 1790-5 (290): married Elizabeth, daughter of .....Thornton Esq. of Scarborough, Co. York. Issue. 1. Edward. 2. Elizabeth. 3. Margaret.

XXV. Edward Kemeys: of Scarborough-on-Hudson, Westchester County, New York. A graduate of Columbia College at age 14: Judge of Westchester County, New York: married Gertrude, daughter of Major Bleecker of Holland and subsequently of the United States. Issue. 1. James Boorman. 2. Bleecker. 3. Willaim. 4.Edward, banker of New York, died s.p. May 1891. 5. Johanna. 6. Elizabeth. 7.Gertrude, married prior to 1879. 8. Mary, married prior to 1879. XXVI. William Kemeys: born 14th. March 1816: of 156 West 46 Street, New York: Iron merchant and Inventor, and a Superintendent of Truancy under the New York Board of Education: died March 1882; married first Abby, daughter of Wm. Brenton Greene Esq. of Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A.; she died at New York about 1845. Second Anne, daughter of Dr. Carmichael, of Fredericksburgh, Virginia; she and her infant son died at New York about 1849. Third Catherine Schuyler, daughter of Walter Livingstone Cochran Esq. of New York City, by his wife Cornelia. Father of Edward (by his first wife); and Walter Schuyler: born 1865: of the City of New York, married Emma Dorrance, daughter of George Frederick Stone Esq. of New York City, by his wife Margaretta.

XXVII. Edward Kemeys: born 1843 in Savannagh, Georgia: of Chicago:Sculptor, and in the War of Rebellion served as Captain in United States Artillery: married Laura Sparkes, daughter of Sparkes Swing Esq. of Fairton, New Jersey, by his wife Judith, and has issue a son William.

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(290) He named his new home Scarborough, and the settlement still bears that name.

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