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Kemeys of Llanrhymny

Kemeys of Llanrhymny

Llanrhymny is situated in the parish of St. Mellons or Melans, Monmouthshire, which lies upon the high road from Newport to Cardiff and in which the principal seats now are Llanrhymny Hall, Geo. Crofts Williams, Esq. and Vaendre Hall, Jno. Cory Esq. Formerly Llanrhymny was a grange belonging to the Abbey of Keynsham, after the dissolution of which it remained in the hands of the Crown until the second year of Elizabeth's reign, when it was granted to Edward Harris and John Williams: subsequently it was sold to Thos. Morgan, son of Henry Morgan by his wife Catherine, daughter of Wm. Kemeys (XVII) of Llanrhymny.

Mr. Thomas Wakeman, F.S.A. writes "The Llanrhymny pedigrees are amply proved by the family deeds".

XIV. Howel Kemeys: sixth son of Jevan ap Jenkin Kemeys (XIII) of Began (see which branch) by Christian his wife; a free tenant in Wentloog 1447, 1483; deputy Sheriff 1444; Receiver General of Wentlooy 1446: married ..... daughter of Thomas ap Llewelyn ap Llewelyn ap Howel and niece of Sir David Gam. Issue, 1. Morgan. 2. Philip Llwyd, living 1487. 3. John Llwyd, living 1485-7; a copyholder in Rhymny 1504 (309): coroner of Wentloog 1497; father of Felice, married to Sir Edward Stradling of St. Donat's who was knighted in the Church of Tournay by Henry VIII on 25th. December 1514. 4. Christian; married Thomas Cadwgan of Trostrey, Co. Monmouth, an ancestor of the Earls Cadogan (310), his will was dated 12th. June and proved 12th. July 1511.

XV. Morgan Kemeys: (311) Collector for the King of the revenue of Rhumny 16th. July 1533: died the same year; married Anne, daughter of John Gwyn ap Gwilim David, who was living in 1534-45 (312). Issue, 1. Morgan-hir (the tall); living 1519-34-44; mentioned in Gairdner's Letters and Papers relating to the reign of Henry VIII as paying Lord Cromwell #70 on 29th. September 1535 from Rumney (? as the laters Receiver). Father of (a) William ap Morgan: a copyholder in Oliver St. John's Manor in Penmark in 1578; he is mentioned in a letter from the latter to Sir Edward Stradling, Knight, dated Blettsoe 21st. November 1578; (312a) probably from him is descended the William Kemeys of Penmark, whose will, dated 13th. December 1670, was proved at Llandaff 11th. August 1671, by which he left personal property to the Lewis family and to "Mrs. Anne Kemeys", and desired to be buried in Penmark Church. Possibly the Anne Kemeys thus referred to was a sister-in-law, and the same Anne Kemeys, widow, of Matherne, Co. Monmouth, whose will, dated 24th. April 1672, was proved at Llandaff 27th. June of the same year, in which she mentions her daughter Elizabeth and grandchildren Paul and Mary Williams of Bristol, members of the Lewis family being residuary legatees. She also mentions her son Charles; probably the Charles Kemish of Bristol, administration to whom was taken out in London, March 1709. (b) Ann, of Llancayo 1539, married John Jenkins of Llancayo. 2. David. 3. Henry, living 1519; probably the Henry Kemeys, who was page of the Chamber 1509, afterwards Hayward of Bergevenny, South Wales and Escheator of Gloucestershire and the Marches of Wales and also 2nd. December 1514, bailiff of the lordship of Portbury, Somersetshire, and of the herbage and pannage of the "hyer parke and the nether parke" therein with the custody of the mansion, of three gardens called "le grete and lytyll conynger" and of the fishery of the Severn called the "lordes lyde", all which he surrendered 24th. May 1526, when they were granted to Sir Ed. Gorge, the King's servant (313); possibly the "Henry Kemmes, bailiff-errant" of Kydwely, Carnollen and Iskymen, South Wales mentioned in the Calendar to the Pleadings of the Duchy of Lancaster as in 1533 prosecuted by the Deputy-bailiff for breach of contract and detention of the Deputation. 4. Maud, married John Sargeaunt.

XVI. David Kemeys: of Llanrhymny, as tenant of the (314) Abbot and Monks of Keynsham; described by Leland in his "Itinerary" as "Davy Kemeys a man of xi markes of Land, dwelleth a mile above Pont Remny": bailiff of the Manor under Keynsham Abbey 1507: Receiver for Lord Cromwell's Manor in Rhymny, called "Splottes" and for other lands of his there in 1535-6; J.P. for Monmouthshire February 1543: (315) Trustee of Wm. Morgan of Pencarne; Will dated 1563; married first .... daughter and heiress of Robert Raglan, who survived him and married secondly Sir Wm. Thomas, Knight, of Wenvoe. Issue, by his first wife. 1. William. 2. A daughter, married first John Mynors and second Arthur Lewis; by his second wife, 3. Thomas; held lands in the parish of Rhymny of the Manor of Ebboth in 1584 and in Lystalybont, jure matris, 1575: in 1543 he is mentioned as paying Lord Cromwell a debt then due; married Katherine, daughter of .... , whence Kemeys of Llanvair. (see which branch) 4. Reginald; styled "Sir Reginald": ? or Rowland, and the same Rowland Kemmys, Canon of Llandaff and prebendary of the Stall of Caire or Master Gwent: collated 8th. May 1582 (316): married Ann, daughter of .... Gwyn of Llanissen, she was living 1558 and in 1575 was holding land in Llys-tal-y-bont. 5. Catherine; married John Davd. 6. Margaret; married Edward Kemeys (XVIII) of Cefn Mably (see which branch).

XVII. William Kemeys: described by Archdeacon Coxe as "Sir Wm. Kemeys of St. Mellons" (317); living 1565-78; married first Margaret, daughter and heiress of Stephan Morgan, Queen's Escheator 1577-8 and second .... , daughter of Stephen Cogan of Dinas Powis. Father of,

XVIII. Catherine: lessee with her husband of Llanrhymny under Keynsham Abbey; had with her husband freeholds in Marshfield and Llanvihangel Vedw (Michaelston-y-Vedw); plaintiff with her husband in a Chancery suit against Nicholas Hawkins and Thomas Spencer to recover title and possession of a messuage and land in the parishes of Rows and Penmark, settled upon her by Wm. Kemeys and Margaret his wife (318); Will, as "Catherine Kemeys", dated 1617 and proved at Llandaff; married Henry ap Rowland Morgan of Machen in 1567.

Footnotes to Kemeys of Llanrhymny

(309) Rhymny is 3 miles from St. Mellons on the road between Newport and Cardiff.

(310) Vide Burke's peerage.

(311) Morgan ap Howell Kemeys, his sons Morgan, David and Henry, and his grandson William ap Morgan, are mentioned in a deed dated 1519 - Wakeman.

(312) As mentioned in deeds - Wakeman.

(312a) "Stradling Correspondence". p. 112.

(313) "Letters and Papers Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII". Vol. IV. part 1, 1524-6.

(314) Wakeman.

(315) Gairdner's Letters and Papers relating to the reign of Henry VIII. Vol. 13.

(316) Le Neve's "Fast. Eccl. Angl." by Hardy, Vol ii. p. 265. The clergy at this period were usually styled "Sir" and were permitted marriage.

(317) Vide Coxe's "Monmouthshire", Vol. 1, p. 66; he is also mentioned in the Morgan pedigree in the Cambrian Register.

(318) "Calendar of Pleadings in Chancery, temp. Queen Elizabeth", Vol. II, p. 183.

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