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Kemeys of Llanvair

Kemeys of Llanvair

XVIII. Richard Kemeys: probably son of Thomas Kemeys (third son of David Kemeys (XVI) of Llanrhymny - see which branch) by Katherine his wife: in 1587 and several years afterwards mentioned as attending the Manor Courts of Youlton near Rumney: probably the Richard Kemeys High Sheriff of Co. Monmouth in 1601, and probably also father of 1. Richard, who on 31st. January 1637-8 administered in London the goods of his son William "in foreign lands or on the high seas deceased". 2. Nicholas: on 4th. July 1595 Nicholas, David and Charles Kemis obtained a lease of lives from the Crown, as the sons of "Richard Kemis armiger", of the site of the Rectory of Caldicot, Monmouthshire, with the tithes and houses thereof lately held by John Morris of the Priory of Llanthony (320): probably the Nicholas Kemmis (321) who on 9th. June 1608 witnessed the will of Rhys Kemmis (see Cefn Mably branch) of Llanvair, the Mary Kemmis who also witnessed this will probably being his wife. 3. David. 4. Charles: of Caldicot as aforesaid: probably the Charles Kemeys M.P. for Monmouth boroughs in 1600, and the "Mr. Charles Kemmis" whose debts due to David Kemeys (XIX) of Cefn Mably, deceased, are referred to in a Chancery suit in 1632 between Edward Kemeys (XX) of Cefn Mably and the latter's stepfather Thomas Morgan. Perhaps also father of 5. Florence, of the parish of St. Bride's, Diocese of Llandaff, spinster, whose will dated 5th. November 1633 was proved at Llandaff 5th. February 1633-4 by which she left her property, consisting of personalty only, to her cousin Mrs. Probert; and 6. a daughter (322) who married David Lewis of Llandewi Rhydderch, High Sheriff of Monmouthshire 1624.

XIX. David Kemeys: of a dwelling house and lands in the parish of Llanvair in 1625: probably the David Kemeys to whom George Kemeys of Kemeys by his will in 1620 left a small legacy; nuncupative will proved in London by his widow Bridget 31st. May 1625, in which he mentions "his children", a witness being "his kinsman" Nicholas Kemeys (323); married Bridget, daughter of .... , probably father of 1. Lewis. 2. William: held lands in the parish of Llanthewy Vach (324), Monmouthshire in 1635: father of, (i) George, died s.p. (ii) William: of Llanthewy Vach, who petitioned the Commonwealth, as a "recussant", 17th. January 1654 to contract for his estate under the Act of the October previous (325); administration at Llandaff 21st. February 1699; father of, (a) John, of Llanthewy Vach in 1706, father of John, also of Llanthewy Vach, whose administration was taken out at Llandaff 23rd. April 1736 and who married Alice, daughter of ..... (b) Katherine, heiress to her nephew John, married ..... Pritchards of Caerleon and had a son who was living in 1741 (326). Probably (iii) David: ordained priest 1658 and, apparently under the religious name of Joseph, became a Dominican Friar in Woodchester Monastery, near Stroud: of the parish of St. Giles' in the Fields, Middlesex: arraigned for High Treason as "David Joseph Kemish" at the Sessions of Oyer and Terminer in the Old Bailey on Saturday 17th. January 1679, when pleading guilty and being unable to speak, his trial was deferred until he should be able to answer for himself. (326a)

(XX) Lewis Kemeys: of Llanvair: administration to whom was taken out in London by his son Lewis on 15th. December 1653, father of as it would seem, 1. Lewis, and probably 2. Edward, of Llanviar in 1688-1700; father of (a) Charles, buried at Llanvair 24th. March 1688, (b) George, buried at Llanvair 26th. August 1699, (c) John buried at Llanvair 24th. April 1700. (d) Elizabeth, buried at Llanvair 20th. April 1700 (327).

XXI. Lewis Kemeys: of a dwelling house and copyhold lands in the Manor of Llanvair, and later of Nash; Will dated 12th. December 1696 and proved in London 2nd. July 1697, by which he left all the property then remaining to him in Llanvair to Mrs. Mary Kemeys, spinster, of Caldicot (328).

Footnotes to Kemeys of Llanvair

(320) Signet bills, 37 Elizabeth. Public Record Office.

(321) This signature is not that of the Baronet of the same name - Wakeman.

(322) Wakeman.

(323) Probably Nicholas Kemeys of Llanvair Castle, afterwards the first Baronet of Cefn Mably.

(324) Llanthewy Vach is a parish 3.5 miles S. from Usk.

(325) State Papers, - Committee for compounding.

(326) In a deed of this date mention is made of William Kemeys gent. of Llanthewy Vach, his two sons George and William, and the latter's children John and Katherine, and grandson John: all of whom according to Mr. Wakeman were Roman Catholics.

(326a) Hist. M.S.S. Committee, 2nd. report. Also Athenae Oxonienses by Anthony Wood, Vol. IV. P. 118, and "Account of the tryals and condemnation of Lionel Anderson and others". London 1680.

(327) Vide Registers of Llanvair Parish.

(328) ? Mary daughter of William Kemeys (XIX) of Kemeys.

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