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Kemeys of Kemeys

The line of descent here followed is given in the M.S. of the late Thomas Wakeman Esq. F.S.A. Mr. Wakeman who lived at Monmouth, amongst his antiquarian researches made a special study of the genealogy of the family of Kemeys, accumulating a mass of valuable information respecting its various branches which has been freely availed of throughout this work. In the Vincent Collections, compiled by Augustine Vincent, Windsor Herald in 1624 from the Tower Records and other valuable materials, there is (Vol. 148) a pedigree of Kemeys which gives the descent of this branch similar to that of Mr. Wakeman with the exception that in place of Sir Maurice (IX) is substituted "William the Great" whilst Walter (XII) is called "Wilcox" and his son William (XIII) is omitted altogether.

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