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Kemeys of Bertholey

Bertholey, or Bertholdy, a chapelry in the parish of Llandrissent, Monmouthshire, lies about half a mile north of Kemeys Inferior and is situated like it upon the western slope of Wentwood, but under the towering heights of Pencamawr. The Chapel, now in ruins, stands upon the Kemeys Inferior Estate which adjoins Bertholey Manor. Coxe in his "Monmouthshire" thus describes Bertholey: "an abrupt descent leads from these ruins (of Troggy Castle) through an open forest to Bertholey house, which deserves to be visited for the extreme beauty of the situation. It stands on a gentle rising ground above the lower road leading from Caerleon to Usk and commands a most delicious view of the fertile vale and distant mountains. The lawn and adjacent grounds are richly clothed with hanging groves of ancient oaks; and below the Usk forms a curve, which is almost a complete circle. The irregular shape of the house well accords with the romantic scenery with which it is surrounded."

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