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Kemeys of Began

Archdeacon Coxe, describing his tour in Monmouthshire, writes "the Counties of Monmouth and Glamorgan are separated by the river Rumney, over which is a stone bridge leading to Cefn Mably. On the eastern bank of the river is an old cottage, called Begam, pleasnantly situated, said to be the site of the ancient mansion inhabited by the Kemeys family". Both Cefn Mably and Began are in the parish of Machaelston-y-Vedw, or Llanvihangel-y-Vedw as it is sometimes called, about 5 miles S.W. by S. from Newport, the former in that part of the parish which lies in Glamorgan, the latter in the portion situated in Monmouth. Began, or Bakaneslegh as it was anciently called, was a Manor held of the lords of Wentloog and is described in the inquisition port mortem, in 1299, of Wm. brother and heir of Thos. Earl of Stafford as "quarta pars feodi per Johem Kemeys": it is also mentioned in inquisitions of the Earls of Stafford in the years 1387, 1393 and 1403, but in no case is the name of the occupier given: it would appear to have passed from the Kemeys family prior to 1460, in which it occurs in the inquisition of Humphrey, Duke of Buckingham as "per Meu' ap Jor'." It is now the property of Colonel Kemeys Tynte.

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